• 有声双语热点:阿迪达斯吃官司了,还打输了

    网站报道说。 [/cn]   今日语言点   1)devoid adj. 缺乏,没有 常见用法:devoid of sth. 没有…的;缺乏…的 I have never looked on a face that was so devoid of feeling. 我从没见过如此面无表情的脸。 She is devoid of all pretence. 她一点也不做作。   2)figurative adj.比喻的;象征的 in a figurative sense 从比喻意义上来说 figurative painting(写实画)&  abstract painting(抽象画)  文中figurative mark,指图形商标。   3)countersuit 反诉 counter-有反作用力的意味: 比如counteract,v. 抵消;中和 比如counterattack,v. 反击 又比如counteroffer,n. 买方还价  

  • 英国王室的关系变幻莫测,女王要给梅根办生日会

    克尔和小宝宝阿尔奇一起庆祝8月4日梅根38岁的生日。[/cn] 图片来源:视觉中国 [en]While they visit, the Sussexes will have their own wing in the castle for the duration of their stay and will also be the guests of honor at an afternoon tea with the Queen, The Sun reports.[/en][cn]据《太阳报》报道,苏塞克斯公爵一家来访期间在城堡里有单独的房间,也会作为贵宾和女王一起喝下午茶。[/cn] [en]The UK news outlet also shares that such an invitation, which is Meghan's first invitation to visit Balmoral, is particularly thoughtful because it will be for the Duchess of Sussex's birthday.[/en][cn]该新闻机构还说这是梅根第一次受邀到巴尔莫勒尔堡,这次邀请很贴心,是要为苏塞克斯公爵夫人庆生。[/cn] [en]A source told the outlet that this sort of invitation "is a testament to Meghan." Given that the Queen and Prince Philip both reportedly adore Harry, Meghan, and Archie, it may not come as much of a surprise to some, though it's "a huge honor" nonetheless.[/en][cn]知情人向报社透露这种邀请“是对梅根的证明”,假如女王和菲利普亲王真像报道那样很疼爱哈里、梅根和阿尔奇,那这就不意外了,尽管这种邀请是“一项殊荣”。[/cn] [en]Unlike the Royal Palaces, which belong to the Crown, Balmoral Castle is actually one of two personal and private residences owned by the Royal Family themselves and it has been in the family since the mid-1800s, according to the Royal Family's website.[/en][cn]皇室网站上说,巴尔莫勒尔堡和皇室拥有的皇家宫殿不同,其实是王室成员私有的两个私人住所之一,从19世纪中期开始就属于这个家族。[/cn] [en]To make things more exciting, Balmoral Castle is actually open to the public between April and July each year.[/en][cn]更

  • 双语美文:二十年后,他还记得我

    到了他[/cn] [en]A one in a [w]million[/w] chance.[/en][cn]我们重逢的机会只有百万分之一,我们却得到了这个机会![/cn] [en]I started crying when I heard his voice.[/en][cn]当我听到他的声音的时候,不禁哭了起来[/cn] [en]I never knew how important it is to have a friend that loves and [w]supports[/w] you in life.[/en][cn]我从未察觉,在生命中拥有一个爱你,支持你的朋友竟是如此重要![/cn] [en]So thank you Augustine for never forgetting me.[/en][cn]谢谢你,Augustine,谢谢你从未忘记我[/cn] [en]Thank you to all the best friends in the world.[/en][cn]谢谢你们,世界上所有的挚友们 [/cn]

  • 德国科学家认为菠菜是兴奋剂,大力水手没骗你

    a对了。[/cn] [en]Scientists in Germany say, edcysterone, a chemical found in spinach is close to [w]steroids[/w] and has a similar effect on humans.[/en][cn]德国科学家表示,在菠菜中发现的一种化学物质Edcysterone与类固醇相似,而且对人体有类似的效果。[/cn] 图片来源:视觉中国 [en]Researchers at Freie Universität Berlin ran a 10-week test on nearly 50 athletes and found athletes who took capsules of ecdysterone increased their strength by up to three times.[/en][cn]柏林自由大学的研究人员对近50名运动员进行了为期10周的测试。他们发现,服用

  • BEC商务英语考试初级口试加班的话题练习

    回家吧,我们把事情做完。   B:谢谢你,(干完)走之前一定要检查电、火和煤气。   4.Exempt 薪水工   A: Do I get overtime pay?   B: No, you are an exempt (salaried) employee, and do not get paid for overtime.   A:我有加班费吗?   B:没有,你是薪水工,加班是没有加班费的。   5.Have to work overtime 不得不加班   A: Can you finish it today?   B: No way, I have to work overtime today to get it done.   A:你今天能干完吗?   B:根本不可能,我今天不得不加班才能干完。   6.Overtime meals 加班就餐   A:How about overtime meals, can we expense them?   B:Yes, submit the expense report to me.   A:加班就餐怎么办?我们能报销吗?   B:可以,把报销单交给我。   7. Overtime pay 加班费   A: How much is the overtime pay?   B: It’s 1.5 times for workday overtime, and 2 times for weekends.   A:加班费怎么算?   B:工作日加班是正常的1.5倍,周末是2倍。   8.Report expenses 报销   A: Did you report the expenses for the overtime?   B: Not yet. I’ll report the taxi and meal expenses later today.   A:你加班的费用报销了吗?   B:还没有,我今天晚些时候连打车和吃饭一起报销。   9.Request for overtime 加班申请   A: I just submitted a request for overtime.   B: I will take a look and see if it is necessary.   A:我刚刚交了一份加班申请。   B:我一会儿看看有没有必要加班。   10.Take off later 补休   A: I have worked overtime for the entire week.   B: You can take some time off later.   A:为了完成工作,我一整周都在加班。   B:你可以以后补休。   时间不停走,你浪费的每分每秒都是别人的争分夺秒。学习哪有捷径,如果你想通过某一种考试就要努力的付出勤奋。就行BEC初级英语考试,你不花时间怎么会有效果。沪江小编建议大家在面对BEC考试的时候一定要沉着冷静发挥出自己应有的水平。



  • 一词日历:这可能是我今年见过最劲爆的一张地图!

    要做很多工作。[/cn] [en]In an interview with Wired, Lutz said, "I really like that all this data is accessible, but it's very difficult to visualize. It's really awesome science, and I wanted everyone to be able to see it in a way that makes sense."[/en] [cn]在接受《连线》杂志采访时,卢茨说:“我真的很喜欢所有这些数据都是可访问的,但可视化很难真的。这真的是了不起的科学,我希望每个人都能以一种有意义的方式来看待它。”[/cn]   今日词汇 visualize  ['vɪʒuəlaɪz]  v. 使 ... 看得见   I find it hard to visualize life in the next century. 我很难构想出下个世纪的生活。 visualize的形容词原型:visual,adj. 视觉的;栩栩如生的 striking visual impact 强烈的视觉效果

  • 美国的职场新人如何支配自己的收入?

    就是年轻真正的好处。(健康方面可以少花钱)[/cn] [en]Healthcare spending is one of the only categories that consistently inches upward throughout life. [/en][cn]健康是唯一一个随着年龄增长而花销变大的门类。[/cn] [en]Of this total, 70% is used to cover insurance premiums, which likely means that employers are chipping in a significant percentage of the total cost of coverage.[/en][cn]而这里面的70%是花在了健康保险上面,所以基本上可以说是用人单位覆盖了里面的大部分。(在中国的普遍情况就是公司交掉一半)[/cn] [en]4. Food (12.1%)[/en][cn]饮食——占总收入的12.1%[/cn] [en]Typically, 45% is spent on eating out. [/en][cn]一般来讲,这其中的45%是花在了外出就餐上面。[/cn] [en]Meats, fish, eggs, fruits, and vegetables make up over 40% of the money that is spent monthly for food at home.[/en][cn]而在家吃的那一部分花销里,肉、鱼、鸡蛋、水果、蔬菜等食材占据了40%。(剩下的可能是零食吧)[/cn] [en]5. Entertainment (4.4%)[/en][cn]娱乐——占总收入的4.4%[/cn] [en]When you think about it, it’s a pretty good deal when you’re able to spend as much on entertainment as you do on healthcare. [/en][cn]仔细想一下的话,娱乐的花销可以和健康花销等量,还是一件挺划算的事。[/cn] [en]I should note that these figures include the costs of pets, TVs, hobbies, and any type of event you might attend.[/en][cn]我要指出,这部分花销包括了宠物、电视、兴趣爱好以及其他一切你可能参与的活动。[/cn] [en]6. Pensions and Social Security (9.8%)[/en][cn]社保、养老金——占总收入的9.8%[/cn] [en]As you’ll see at the end, though, even with reduced benefits in the future, Social Security can play a key role in your retirement.[/en][cn]你们最终会明白的,虽然这些东西以后的价值会变低,但社保在你退休之后还是举足轻重的。(在中国,这部分一般是公司在发薪前就代缴了,而公司负担其中大部分)[/cn] [en]7. Education (2%)[/en][cn]教育——占总收入的2%[/cn] [en]Many will argue that this number should be higher. After all, the graduation is only a beginning. Your career just started and there's a lot of skills to acquire if you wanna get promoted and paid better.[/en][cn]很多人都觉得这一部分应该更高一些。毕竟,毕业只是一个新阶段的开始。你的职业生涯才刚刚起步,如果你想升职加薪的话,还有不少技能要学。[/cn] [en]8. Other (9.3%)[/en][cn]其他——占总收入的9.3%[/cn] [en]This covers a lot of different categories: clothes, alcohol, personal care products, cigarettes, donations, and even alimony payments. Lump all of them together and this is what you get.[/en][cn]这一部分包含很多门类:服装、酒、个人护理产品、烟、慈善捐赠甚至赡养费。把它们全部加起来就是你能自由支配的那一部分了。(能存

  • 同样表示错误,mistake和error有什么区别?

    Mistake和error意味着某事做的不正确或错误。因此,它们是同义词。但这两个词的区别在于它们所用的上下文。 [en]1. Mistake is usually a



  • 不知道“window shop“?那你需要了解关于购物的习语了!

    以为你起到舒缓情绪,让你开心的时候,就是这个意思啦! 例句:[en]I had a bad day at work, so I did a little retail therapy on my way home.[/en][cn]我今天工作很糟糕,所以在回家的路上我逛街来恢复自己。[/cn]   5. [en]Bargain hunting[/en] [cn]去猎取折扣物[/cn] 例句:[en]My mom loves to go bargain hunting on Black Friday.[/en] [cn]我妈妈喜欢在“黑五”去买便宜货。[/cn]   6. [en]Shoplift[/en] [cn]从商店中偷东西[/cn] 例句:[en]The girl shoplifted some candy from the store.[/en][cn]那个女孩从商店里偷了一些糖果。[/cn]   7. [en]Fit like a Glove[/en] [cn]非常适合(形容衣物等的适合)[/cn] 例句:[en]I love my new shoes. They fit like a glove.[/en] [cn]我非常喜欢我的新

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