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  • 有声双语美文:生气,是在展现你的无能

    了吧。[/cn] [en]You will only be showing your incompetency if you do.[/en][cn]你那只是在展示自己的无能。[/cn] [en]You must understand: Being angry doesn't do you any good because it changes nothing.[/en][cn]你要明白,生气对你自己来说没有任何好处,因为它改变不了任何事。[/cn] [en]If you don't like what's happening, then try to identify the problem and find a way to deal with it.[/en][cn]如果你不喜欢现状,那就去找到问题的根源,然后试着解决它。[/cn] [en]That's the only way out.[/en][cn]那才是唯一的出路。[/cn]   (翻译:能猫)

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  • 一词日历:可口可乐和Costa合作推出罐装咖啡,包装还挺好看

    情报公司(Mordor Intelligence)报告称,2018年,北美即饮咖啡产业的价值为25亿美元,预计到2023年,该行业的年复合增长率将达到2.7%,达到约26.5亿美元。[/cn] [en]However, this growth has come with fragmentation. [/en] [cn]然而,这种增长伴随着碎片化。[/cn] [en]With demand for single-serve, ready-to-drink, premium and a whole host of other experimental coffees like butter coffee, probiotic and protein-infused CPG coffee products, growth in this industry is difficult to tap into. [/en] [cn]随着人们对单一服务、即饮、高档咖啡的需求,以及黄油咖啡、益生菌和蛋白质含量高的CPG咖啡等一系列实验性咖啡产品的需求出现,这个行业的增长很难进入。[/cn] [en]More brands are launching ready-to-drink coffee, so Costa will have a fair share of competition. Nestlé purchased Starbucks' retail products for $7.15 billion last May, which offers a variety of different RTD coffee beverages. [/en] [cn]更多的品牌正在推出即食咖啡,因此Costa将有很多的竞争者。雀巢去年5月以71.5亿美元收购了星巴克的零售产品,提供多种不同的即饮咖啡饮料。[/cn] [en]And previously, Nestlé acquired Chameleon Cold-Brew and a majority stake in Blue Bottle Coffee. But it's not only Big Food taking advantage of this trend. More startups are also launching these ready-to-drink products.[/en] [cn]此前,雀巢收购了变色龙冷冲泡咖啡和蓝瓶咖啡的多数股权。但不仅仅是大型食品企业在乘东风。越来越多的初创公司也在推出这种即食饮料。[/cn] [en]Data from CB Insights shows that coffee startups were on pace to raise more than $1 billion by the end of 2018.[/en] [cn]CB Insights的数据显示,到2018年底,咖啡初创企业的融资规模有望超过10亿美元。[/cn]   今日词汇 crave  [kreɪv]  v.渴望;迫切需要   crave attention/luxury 渴望得到关注/渴望奢侈的享受 There may be certain times of day when smokers crave their cigarette. 吸烟者可能在一天中的某些时候特别想抽烟。 常见用法: to crave for sth. 渴望得到某物

  • 有声双语美文:有趣的人,永远视生活如初恋

    [en]If you suddenly get old tomorrow, would you feel [w]regret[/w] when you look back at your life?[/en][cn]如果明天你就会突然变老,当你回顾你这一生的时候,你会感到遗憾吗?[/cn] [en]Or would you feel that your life is worth it?[/en][cn]还是说,你觉得这一生很值得?[/cn] [en]Or you have never thought about this kind of things?[/en][cn]还是说,你其实从来没有想过这些事?[/cn] [en]If you ask somebody what the meaning of life is,[/en][cn]如果你问别人“生活的意义是什么?”[/cn] [en]a thousand different people will give you a thousand different answers.[/en][cn]1000个人可能给你1000个不同的答案。[/cn] [en]But for me, the answer is happiness.[/en][cn]而对于我来讲,这个答案就是“快乐”。[/cn] [en]Doing what I like in places that I enjoy.[/en][cn]在自己喜欢的地方,做着自己喜欢的事。[/cn] [en]These things are not only beneficial for myself. They are also making this society better.[/en][cn]这些事不光对自己有益,还对社会有意义。[/cn] [en]Controlling my own pace like this may not have given me a wealthy life. But it has been giving me satisfaction day by day.[/en][cn]这种自己把握生活节奏的日子,虽然在物质上并没有多富足,但每天都让我很满意。[/cn] [en]And I feel that life gets better everyday.[/en][cn]而且,我觉得生活一天比一天好。[/cn] [en]And at the same time, I have become a person that people enjoy.[/en][cn]同时,我也在这个过程中变成了有趣的人。[/cn] [en]And a person who people enjoy is a person who treats life as he treats his first true love.[/en][cn]而有趣的人,就是一个总是以初恋的心态去生活的人。[/cn]   (翻译:能猫)

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  • 一词日历:注意:晚上开灯睡的人更容易胖,特别是女人

    处在美国肥胖流行的风a lot of light on while you snooze — such as from a口上,而我们通常认为的预防肥胖的措施对人们来说很难做到——吃更好的饮食,多做运动——而我们似乎并没有取得任何进展。”“如果这些研究结果是正确的,如果它们可以被复制,那么在你睡觉的时候关灯是一个非常简单的公共健康信息。”[/cn]   今日词汇 overweight  [ˌəʊvə'weɪt]  adj.超重的   over+weight,这个词的构成......这个词让我只想“红着脸躲避”。 The man was homely and overweight.   该男子其貌不扬,身材肥胖。 坐飞机时也得注意下不让行李超重,因为: If your luggage is overweight, you'll have to pay extra.   假如你的行李过重了, 你得付额外的运费.

  • 有声双语热点:阿迪达斯吃官司了,还打输了

    网站报道说。 [/cn]   今日语言点   1)devoid adj. 缺乏,没有 常见用法:devoid of sth. 没有…的;缺乏…的 I have never looked on a face that was so devoid of feeling. 我从没见过如此面无表情的脸。 She is devoid of all pretence. 她一点也不做作。   2)figurative adj.比喻的;象征的 in a figurative sense 从比喻意义上来说 figurative painting(写实画)&  abstract painting(抽象画)  文中figurative mark,指图形商标。   3)countersuit 反诉 counter-有反作用力的意味: 比如counteract,v. 抵消;中和 比如counterattack,v. 反击 又比如counteroffer,n. 买方还价  

  • 英国王室的关系变幻莫测,女王要给梅根办生日会

    克尔和小宝宝阿尔奇一起庆祝8月4日梅根38岁的生日。[/cn] 图片来源:视觉中国 [en]While they visit, the Sussexes will have their own wing in the castle for the duration of their stay and will also be the guests of honor at an afternoon tea with the Queen, The Sun reports.[/en][cn]据《太阳报》报道,苏塞克斯公爵一家来访期间在城堡里有单独的房间,也会作为贵宾和女王一起喝下午茶。[/cn] [en]The UK news outlet also shares that such an invitation, which is Meghan's first invitation to visit Balmoral, is particularly thoughtful because it will be for the Duchess of Sussex's birthday.[/en][cn]该新闻机构还说这是梅根第一次受邀到巴尔莫勒尔堡,这次邀请很贴心,是要为苏塞克斯公爵夫人庆生。[/cn] [en]A source told the outlet that this sort of invitation "is a testament to Meghan." Given that the Queen and Prince Philip both reportedly adore Harry, Meghan, and Archie, it may not come as much of a surprise to some, though it's "a huge honor" nonetheless.[/en][cn]知情人向报社透露这种邀请“是对梅根的证明”,假如女王和菲利普亲王真像报道那样很疼爱哈里、梅根和阿尔奇,那这就不意外了,尽管这种邀请是“一项殊荣”。[/cn] [en]Unlike the Royal Palaces, which belong to the Crown, Balmoral Castle is actually one of two personal and private residences owned by the Royal Family themselves and it has been in the family since the mid-1800s, according to the Royal Family's website.[/en][cn]皇室网站上说,巴尔莫勒尔堡和皇室拥有的皇家宫殿不同,其实是王室成员私有的两个私人住所之一,从19世纪中期开始就属于这个家族。[/cn] [en]To make things more exciting, Balmoral Castle is actually open to the public between April and July each year.[/en][cn]更