Obsession will lead to danger for The Arrow on the upcoming season of the CW comic book hit. Entertainment Weekly reports that "Supernatural" alum Amy Gumenick will be joining "Arrow" as Carrie Cutter, a.k.a. Cupid -- a stalkerishly obsessed fan of The Arrow who will turn lethal.
CW漫画改编美剧《绿箭侠》将会在新季中迎来重要反派人物。据《娱乐周刊》报道,曾经出演过《邪恶力量》的女演员Amy Gumennick将会参演《绿箭侠》扮演Carrie Cutter,也就是Cupid——一个颇受原著漫画粉丝喜爱的致命角色。

"When I was writing the comic book, my big goal was to create a villain who would last," executive producer Andrew Kreisberg told EW.[/en
]“我在写剧本的时候,就抱着一个创造一个可以持续时间久一点的反派角色的目的在写,”制作人Andrew Kreisberg接受《娱乐周刊》采访时说。

[en]Gumenick appeared on "Supernatural" as a young Mary Winchester in flashbacks.

Gumennick曾经在《邪恶力量》中扮演年轻版的Mary Winchester。

Cupid will make her first appearance on "Arrow" in the sixth or seventh episode of Season 3, which returns Oct. 8 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.